BB Power

The project involved modification of the vessel for new, complex towing operation. Brevik Engineering was involved in intact and stability calculations, physical inclination tests, development of operational documentation related to stability.

Brevik PAX 400

Two ships (98 m loa) have been build, both transporting passangers and cargo between Lakshadweep Archipelago and Kerala - mainland India.

Brevik Steelcat

High speed steel catamaran specifically developed for trucks/semi-trailers.

Brevik TP150

Chemical tanker (135m loa, 15 000 Dwt). The ship has 14 expoxy coated tanks. 6 ships have been built. The ship has ultra low resistance and likely ...

Bulk Carrier – 7500 DWT

Complete vessel design

CO2 carrier

LCO2 carrier with two bilobe tanks with a total capacity of 10 800 m3 CO2. Operational pressure is 15 barg. The ship is optimized for ...

CO2 Green Tanker

LCO2 carrier developed for transport of CO2 from europe to the midle east and with the potential for crude return cargo

CO2 logistics report

The study was conducted together with Element Energy, SINTEF and IOM Law.

LCO2 carrier for direct injection 27 kt

A ship for direct transport of CO2 from the emitters industrial site to an offshore storage reservoir. At the storage location the ship will conect to ...